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angry priest

Priest Stops Wedding Ceremony to Scold Photographers

It’s your special day and and everything’s all set: Perfect weather, a great venue, the bride’s maids aren’t drunk and crying. Thankfully you hired some talented photographers to help commemorate your very special, very expensive day. What could go wrong?

How about the priest stopping the wedding ceremony to flip out on your photographers?

“This is a solemn assembly…not a photography session.”

Yikes. That was awkward. I’m obviously going to side with the photographers because they’re being paid to do their JOB, which is to get the very best pictures so that the couple is happy. On the other hand the videographer planting himself right behind the priest…maybe that would ruffle my holy collar too.

What do you think: Was the priest out of line or were the photographers being too disruptive?



  • digidesingner1 Says

    Well the videographer could have been elsewhere, maybe he didn’t get a chance to consult with the officiant before hand? I wouldn’t have planted myself there. lessons learned.

  • Brian Rycyk Says

    If he/she was a true professional photographer/videographer you clear all the particulars with the Priest/ Rabi first to avoid this embarrassment. Totally unprofessional period!

  • Nick Sears Says

    Yeah, that doesn’t kill the vibe at all

  • Milo Garcia Says

    May be it’s the shutter sound that ticked off the priest… it’s pretty loud and annoying when its behind your ear.

  • jamie Says

    you can see the embarrassment in the bride and grooms face. how unprofessional of the priest….he knew he was doing a wedding…he knew there would be photography…to stop the wedding like that is uncalled for. if he believes so much in his faith, he would have expressed the “solemnness” of it BEFORE hand. Unbelievable. I wouldn’t pay him after that…the photographers were doing their job, he needed to do his. End of story.

  • Bob Reers Says

    Been photographing for Catholic events for years. Protocol calls to check in with the priest of an usher, or an “in-charge” person prior to the event beginning. Many priests/sisters/places have stipulations for other events as well, i.e. no-flash, no wandering, not getting on the altar, not behind the priest, etc. Catholics believe that Christ is present in the Eucharist and is present in the tabernacle on the altar. When entering the church all Catholics genuflect to show respect. It is a solemn event unlike getting married with a Justice of the Peace or in Town Hall. Professional photographers know this if you wish to come back to that church again. There are many, many opportunities at a wedding to get good photographs without interfereing with the priest.

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